TRADEMARKS Drafting and filing of trademark applications for registration of the trademark in respect of goods and services, convention applications, renewals, drafting and filing of oppositions before the Trade Mark Registry, counter statements, affidavits, filing of appeals before the Appellate Board, Filing of Rectifications etc.
DESIGN Filing of Design applications, renewals, filing of cancellations petitions
COPYRIGHT Filing of applications for registration of copyright in respect of artistic work, literary work, musical work etc, filing of rectification petitions before the Copyright Board.
PATENTS Filing of Patent application, PCT applications, filing of oppositions, drafting of Patents, attending the hearing time and again in the Patent Office.
JUDICIAL ACTION We offer services in the form of Judicial action. Judicial action includes filing of civil and criminal cases.
Civil Action We assist the client in filing civil cases in the District Court and the High Court. We have advocates who appear before District Court, High Court and Supreme Court.
Criminal Action - We also assist the client in filing criminal complaints before the court. In case there are unidentified spurious products in the market we assist the client in filing criminal complaints against unknown persons and then take general search and seizure warrants.
Handling and attending of complaints at various levels which includes in various District Consumer Court Forums, State Commissions, National Commission and the Supreme Court of India. Our firm has expertise in handling complex consumer complaints in various sectors which telecom, banking etc.
Drafting of the pleadings which includes the drafting of the complaint, written statements, evidence in the matters and written arguments enunciating the facts in details correlated with the law as applicable, drafting of the legal notices, drafting of appeals, detail research on various aspects of law which includes research on law and of judgments of various State Commissions, National Commission and the Supreme Court.
We have a team of expert lawyers who offer effective services by combining knowledge of corporate laws with experience. We provide professional advice on a broad spectrum of corporate work, which inter-alia includes:
Mergers and acquisition
Establishment of business entities in India
Contract and document drafting
Licensing agreement
Handling and attending cases before the Company Law Board
Handling and attending of complex matters in courts and tribunals pertaining to the following :
Debt recovery
Litigation for recovery of loans
Criminal actions for cheque bouncing, cheating and fraud.
Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR)
ADR typically includes arbitration, mediation and conciliation. Alternative dispute resolution in India is not new and it was in existence even under the previous Arbitration Act, 1940. The Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996 has been enacted to accommodate the harmonisation mandates of UNCITRAL Model.

To streamline the Indian legal system the traditional civil law known as Code of Civil Procedure, (CPC) 1908 has also been amended and section 89 has been introduced.

Section 89 (1) of CPC provides an option for the settlement of disputes outside the court. It provides that where it appears to the court that there exist elements, which may be acceptable to the parties, the court may formulate the terms of a possible settlement and refer the same for arbitration, conciliation, mediation or judicial settlement.

We have a team of eminent lawyers and advocates who handle various areas as covered under alternate dispute resolution. The matters handled by our team of professionals in ADR are as under :
Arbitration which includes domestic and international arbitration.
Enforcement of Awards
Labour and Employment Laws
Drafting employment contracts, advising employers on their rights, duties and obligations under general law relating to employment, advising employees of their rights, resolution of labour-employer disputes, compliance with labour welfare legislations.
Handling and attending cases before labour courts and appellate tribunals
Commercial and Property Laws
Drafting of contracts, resolution of contractual/commercial disputes, actions for specific performance, suits for damages, conveyancing disputes, landlord and tenant disputes, actions for possession and division of property, actions for attachment of property, drafting and registration of sale/lease deed.
Family Laws
Handling and attending of Divorce petitions, alimony claims, matrimonial settlements, guardianship issues, child custody and maintenance, drafting of wills and other testamentary documents, probate and administration aspects of estate matters, actions for partition and succession of property.
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